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What-hifi? Sound & Vision November 2010
'Listen to well-recorded acoustic instruments or voices and few rivals can deliver their timbre in such a convincing manner'

HifiVideoTest October 2010
'Kortom een zonnetje'

Vi-fi December 2010
'Een heerlijke set is het, deze QUAD Elite apparatuur' 'Zeer warm aanbevolen'


The quest for the best possible sound reproduction and for an original design is what unifies all Quad products. Original invention has brought Quad countless awards, the most prestigious one of which is without a doubt the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement in 1979.

This is the only Queen's Award ever issued to a Hi-Fi manufacturer, all because designers such as Sir Peter Walker, who are blessed in abundance with intimate knowledge of every aspect of sound reproduction. Designers like Walker are also capable of designing electronics that take the audiophile seriously.


This makes Quad nothing less than a living legend. The British brand was founded in 1936 by Peter Walker. Initially the company focused exclusively on the development and production of professional audio equipment.

In the 1950's, however, this changed when Quad applied all its professional experience to the consumer market by releasing the Quad 1 amplifier. Many sensational products followed in its footsteps, such as the first electrostatic loudspeaker in 1956, the Quad 33 control unit and the Quad 303 power amplifier (1967). In the course of the following years a steady steam of innovation was rewarded in several awards.

As far as the speakers are concerned: here the spotlight should be aimed at the ESL (ElectroStatic Loudspeaker). These speakers all garantuee perfection in sound reproduction.

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