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Many staff members at New Transtec work in sales (to dealers) and support of A/V equipment (to dealers and end users). Apart from you dealer, these New Transtec staff members are there for you-- to supply you with information, advise and aftersales assistance. We aim for top quality, also when the initial sales has been completed.


As a supplier of top quality equipment we would of course like to demonstrate that quality. To that end you may contact our authorized dealers; they are equipped with all the necessities to be of service to you, and can even organized demonstrations at your home.

Should the equipment of your choice be temporarily unavailable at your dealer, then you may also contact NewTranstec. We can usually bring you into contact with a dealer who can supply you with the necessary.


Documentation may be requested from NewTranstec via telephone (+31-180-590184) or via e-mail to Many product details, dealer addresses and price lists may be found on our website.