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Reference Series
TL 7.5


               TL 7.5 III Preformance pre-amplifier

VTL presents the latest version, the TL7.5 series III. The new model contains numerous technological developments while retaining the best elements of the TL-7.5 platform. The proven strengths of the original system architecture are: a fully balanced differential design; a hybrid circuit that combines tubes in the amplification phase for voltage linearity (less than 2 dB NFB) with a MOSFET buffer for greater current capacity; a volume control with high resolution. The highly appreciated user interface of the TL7.5 platform sets the standard for intuitivity and ease of use. The new design has an extensively revised power supply based on current shunt regulator technology that minimizes the impact on the audio signal by eliminating high voltage gains. Much more accurate power control provides a drastically improved rejection of noise and AC fluctuations. Improvements to the Series III result in an even higher level of coherence, integration and transparency of sound, with dramatically improved mid-bass and midtones, and a more tube-like sonic character.