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TL6.5 II

TL 6.5 Signature Preamplifier

VTL presents a significantly revised version, the TL6.5 Series II. The new model incorporates numerous circuit improvements while retaining the best elements of the TL6.5 platform. The proven strengths of the original system design include a single chassis architecture, a fully balanced differential design, a hybrid circuit that combines tubes in the gain stage for voltage linearity, with a FET buffer for greater current capacity, a high resolution volume control with high overload capability, and precision-regulated power supplies. The highly-regarded user interface of the TL6.5 platform is renowned for its intuitive functionality and ease of use, with full-function remote control, and a fully bi-directional RS-232 control interface for increased compatibility with modern home theater systems.
The TL-6.5 Series II incorporates most of the advanced technology found in VTL’s flagship preamplifier, the TL-7.5 Series III, for a dramatically higher level of performance compared to the original design. The new version features an extensively revised power supply based on current-sourced shunt regulator technology that minimizes impact on the audio signal. Far more precise power regulation yields dramatically improved rejection of noise and AC fluctuation.

  • Vacuum Tube Complement
    2 x 12AU7
  • Inputs
    3 pairs balanced/XLR or RCA single-ended, 5 pairs single-ended/RCA
  • Outputs
    1 pair balanced out, 2 pairs single-ended RCA out, 2 pairs single-ended RCA buffered Tape Out
  • Remote control functions
    Power, Source Select, Volume up/down, Mute, Fade, Balance Control, Phase Reverse
  • Gain
    NORM: 14 dB single ended, 19.2 dB balanced
    LOW: 7 dB single ended, 13 dB balanced
  • Output impedance
    50Ω (500Ω @ 20Hz)
  • Input impedance
    Balanced: 112kΩ (36kΩ min)
    Single ended: 54kΩ (18kΩ min)
  • Frequency Response +0, -o.3 dB
    10Hz – 200kHz, into 5kΩ 1000pF load
  • Maximum Output Voltage <1% THD
    13V 10Hz – 200kHz into >5kΩ load
  • Channel separation
    >100dB @ 1kHz (>80dB @ 20kHz)
  • Power consumption
  • Dimensions W x D x H
    44.5 x 44.5 x 15.3 cm
  • Weight



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